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“This is what everyone who thinks about car security has worried about for 6 years. This is a reality.”

That’s what Charlie Miller — a security expert — said after him and fellow hacker Chris Valasek experimented with a Jeep Cherokee.

With one of their colleagues — Andy — cruising down the highway in his Jeep Cherokee at 70 mph, Miller and Valasek were able to hack into the Jeep’s Uconnect infotainment system. After hacking in, they blasted music, turned the AC up to max and….killed the transmission and brakes.

(As a side note, this was a controlled experiment, therefore Andy was not harmed.)

How are hackers able to do this? US Senator Richard Blumenthal has a theory.

“Connected cars represent tremendous social and economic promise, but in a rush to roll out the next big thing, automakers have left doors unlocked to would-be-cybercriminals,” Bluementhal said.

Most automakers offer infotainment systems like the one in this Jeep Cherokee experiment. The systems allow drivers to connect their smartphones to their vehicles through the Internet. It allows drivers to use their favorite apps and services while driving. But it also leaves doors open for hackers.

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Liability in Car Accidents

I’ve talked before about automakers’ liability in car accidents, like with the GM recalls over faulty ignition switches. Faulty airbags, seat belts and tires have also been known to cause car accidents that result in serious injuries.

When faulty cars are responsible for car accident injuries, the automakers should be held accountable. They should be required to provide compensation for medical bills and other damages.

A hacked car should be no different. Automakers leave these opportunities open for hackers with new technology. If the proper protocols aren’t in place to stop hackers from turning the transmission or brakes off, then automakers should be held accountable for any injuries that result.

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