Can the Repo Man Take What’s Inside Your Car?

If your car gets repossessed with your personal property still in it, what options do you have? What if the repo agent takes your laptop, or car seat, or cell phone by accident? Here’s what you need to know about car repossession and personal property:

Get Your Property Out While You Can

Of course, if you can, remove your property before the agent ever gets there. If you’re present during the repossession, they should let you remove your personal items. They also aren’t allowed to damage the items, so if they won’t let you near the car, you can ask them to hand the property to you.

The Repossession Agent Must Return Your Property to You

Assuming you call quickly, if you ask for your personal property after a repossession, the creditors or their repossession agents have to give it back. They can’t hold on to your cell phone as though it was part of your car. If they refuse to give back your belongings, they may be in violation of the law.

You Should Reach Out to Them to Get It

To get your belongings back, contact your car lender immediately. Sometimes they only give you 24 hours. You should tell them exactly what was in the car and make your request in writing. Usually the company will comply without much of a hassle.

There Are Some Exceptions

When it comes to car repossession and personal property, you may face one big exception: They don’t have to return fixtures you’ve added to the car that would take tools to remove. This could include:

  • Stereo systems
  • Custom hubcaps, etc
  • Floor lights

You can always try, but in most cases, the company doesn’t have to go out of their way to return those items. So yes, that could mean you lose a $500 stereo system.

Stop Car Repossession in Memphis

If you’re facing repossession, it never needs to get that far. You don’t need to lose your car or fight for your belongings. Our Memphis bankruptcy lawyers can help you stop repossession before it ever happens.

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