The Challenge

When a typical game of recess football went from touch to tackle, our client — a 12-year-old boy in 6th grade — wound up in the emergency room with a broken femur. He and his family came to us in search of the compensation and justice they deserved, and our attorneys were determined to get it for them.

At the time of the accident, a teacher was supposed to be supervising our client and his classmates. However, she was 100 yards away, with her back to the students while distracted by a personal phone call. Her negligence is what allowed the game to escalate and become dangerous.

If a child is injured on the playground due to negligent supervision, like our client, those responsible can be held liable.

The Results

As with many personal injury cases, the concept of the duty of reasonable and ordinary care was relevant. In this case, the teacher’s failure to exercise reasonable care put the children at risk and exposed them to a high possibility of danger. Liability was also attached because the State Board of Education’s children’s safety rules were violated. The case was resolved after mediation for $80,000.

Premises Liability & Negligent Supervision

If your child or someone else you know has been injured on a schoolyard at play, a person or entity may be responsible for covering injuries, as was the case with this client.

Regular observation of a child at play is critical to preventing accidents. School teachers and staff have a responsibility to prevent reasonable harm to those under their care. If a child is injured on the playground due to negligent supervision, those responsible can be held liable. An experienced Memphis personal injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you’re entitled to.

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