The Complex Problems That Lead to Elder Neglect and Mistreatment

Nursing home abuse is a tragic but common problem. No elder abuse or neglect is ever OK; but sometimes understanding what leads to the problem can help us prevent it or notice issues before they escalate. Here are some of the most common factors leading to nursing home abuse:

Caregiver Stress

Nursing homes often pay very low wages, and many workers are expected to serve more patients in more ways and in less time than in other health care positions. This tension can create a stressed and exhausted atmosphere that places nursing home patients at odds with caregivers.

Understaffed Homes

A lot of nursing homes are under budget constraints and/or understaffed, especially at night. As a result, nursing home residents might not receive the attention they need. In extreme cases, they might be neglected at a time of crisis.

Lack of Accountability

Families need to visit their relatives in nursing home situations as often as possible. Not only will it encourage the resident; it helps hold the facility accountable in case anything goes wrong.

When families do notice something, they need to hold the facility responsible through legal action rather than just removal. Report the incident and speak with an attorney – that’s the best way to put a stop to this terrible problem. If you notice signs your loved one is being neglected, talking with an elder abuse lawyer Memphis, TN turns to may be a good idea.

Emotional and Psychological Problems

Some caregiving organizations hire people indiscriminately, which leads to some workers having severe emotional or psychological disabilities that should prevent them from working with patients at all. When untreated, these disabilities may sometimes cause a lack of sympathy and make a person more likely to abuse.

Multiple factors can affect nursing home abuse, but none of them excuse it. Seeking justice for abused elders can hold nursing homes accountable and put a stop to the problem before it starts next time.

Contact our Memphis nursing home abuse lawyers today at no cost to learn more about you and your loved one’s rights.