Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, America’s nursing homes and their residents have faced a unique and significant risk, one that has brought great devastation. If a loved one was exposed to the coronavirus at a nursing home, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Memphis TN can help.

We first glimpsed the potential for havoc in late February, when the virus hit Washington state’s Life Care Center. At least 37 people connected to the Center died from the coronavirus.

It’s easy to see why nursing homes have become such hotspots. Elders and immunocompromised people are at the greatest risk for complications. On top of that, the proximity of staff and residents within these facilities—often cramped, confined settings—allows for the virus to spread rapidly.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that a fifth of all coronavirus-related deaths in the United States have been connected to nursing homes. As former New York lieutenant governor Betsy McCaugh said to the Times, “They’re death pits. These nursing homes are already overwhelmed. They’re crowded and they’re understaffed. One Covid-positive patient in a nursing home produces carnage.”

These additional statistics begin to paint a clearer, if devastating, picture.

  • At least 7,000 people linked to nursing homes have died from the coronavirus.
  • Over 100 employees and residents were infected at a Kansas facility.
  • There have been outbreaks at 394 long-term New Jersey nursing homes, with more than 1,500 deaths linked to them.

As tragic as these numbers are, they are likely just a snapshot of the real toll. This tragedy is far from over, and initial reports often don’t capture the actual numbers.

Oversights and missteps can be fatal.

If you or a loved one was exposed to coronavirus in a nursing home, we are taking new cases and committed to fighting for you.

While the very nature of nursing homes brings a heightened risk for outbreaks, oversights and missteps have undoubtedly intensified the crisis.

So far, preventative measures do not account for the critical role of nursing home staff. Nursing home employees play a big part in slowing the spread, but these facilities are often overstaffed. Their employees, often poorly compensated, have not received the same training as hospital staff.

In many instances, nursing homes waited too long to take action. Facilities did not require staff or residents to wear masks until far too late in the game. There’s anecdotal evidence that some still aren’t enforcing such measures.

Tests, and subsequent isolation measures, have often come only after residents were already showing symptoms, at which point it’s too late.

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Nursing homes have a responsibility to keep residents safe. Proper protocols must be in place. If a nursing home has not done their part to limit the threat, you may be able to pursue legal action.

If a loved one has become sick, the best way to find out if you have a case is to speak with a personal injury lawyer Memphis TN trusts.

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