I’ve Been Denied Social Security Disability Multiple Times. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Being denied Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. However, if you understand the reasons behind these denials, it can help you make changes moving forward.

Our Memphis SSDI attorneys have seen every kind of case, including many repeat denials. For so many people, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are a few of the reasons you might experience repeat denials for SSDI benefits:

Insufficient Medical Evidence

The SSA commonly denies SSDI over a lack of substantial medical evidence to support your disability claim.

They require comprehensive documentation to demonstrate the severity and limitations of your condition.

Some people take shortcuts with this step or don’t realize they’re missing certain paperwork. But don’t: without sufficient medical records, test results, and physician statements, it’s hard to establish the extent of your disability.

Inadequate Work History

SSDI is an insurance program that requires you to pay into it with your taxes. So in order to qualify, you need a sufficient work history and work credits.

If you haven’t worked long enough or consistently paid into the Social Security system, you may not meet the required work credit threshold. This can lead to a denial of benefits that catches some people by surprise.

Inconsistent or Incomplete Information

It’s critical your SSDI application includes accurate and thorough completion of all the necessary forms. Even the most basic errors, inconsistencies, or missing information can raise doubts about the validity of your claim.

We see cases denied over simple mistakes all the time. It shouldn’t happen that way, but fortunately you do have options.

What to Do If You Keep Getting Denied

First off, if you’ve experienced repeat SSDI denials, you should consider your application may have flaws like the above. There’s a lot that can go wrong in the early stages.

To help you avoid common errors, our Memphis SSDI firm has put together a free report about applying for SSDI. This easy guide will tell you what to expect from the application process and how to have the strongest chance of success.

However, even with a really strong application, the SSA may deny your claim. In fact, they deny the majority of claims – even for people who desperately need the benefits.

Remember, you have the right to appeal their decision.

You have 60 days to appeal, and an experienced SSDI attorney can significantly improve your chances of success. Our Memphis SSDI attorneys help gather and present the necessary evidence, navigate the complex appeals process, and provide guidance on strengthening your claim.

With our expertise, you can address any issues in your initial application and work towards getting the benefits you need. What’s more, we don’t make a penny unless you do – and even then, it’s limited to a small fraction of your past-due benefits.

The data is clear that an SSDI attorney gives you a much bigger chance of success. And if you’ve faced repeated denials, maybe you just need the right help to finally break through.

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