Social Security Disability LawyerHow Memphis SSDI Approval Rates May Affect You

Generally speaking, disability approval rates in Memphis look a lot like the rest of the country. The data can be confusing, but it’s important to know you may struggle to get approval on your first try—and it’s no reason to give up.

Below, we discuss what you can expect and how to have the highest chance of success possible.

The High Rates of SSDI Denial on Your First Try

First, the shocking news: about 67% of initial applications for SSDI will be denied by the SSA. That’s an extraordinary number, and it can be really frustrating. But you shouldn’t let it stop you from applying.

If you follow the SSA’s rules and put together a strong application, you do have a chance of approval on the first time around. We offer a free resource to help people apply for disability successfully called An Honest Guide to Disability.

But if you’re like the majority of people who apply for SSDI, you’ll need to appeal the decision. This happens all the time, and it’s no reason to give up. Just remember two things:

  1. You only have 60 days to appeal, so there’s no time to waste.
  2. An attorney will give you a far, far better chance of success.

Disability Rates in Memphis: What Percentage of Disability Appeals Are Approved?

In general 13%-35% of appeal cases get approved. That may not seem like very many, but remember a lot of people don’t work with a lawyer when they appeal. 

As a result, they don’t actually fix the problems that caused their denial in the first place.

When the SSA denies your claim, they usually tell you the reason. But it can be very vague, and a lot of people just appeal with the same application as before (or maybe with a couple of small changes).

That’s usually not good enough. You really need to correct for all the potential holes in your initial application. But you may not even know what those holes are. That’s where a good SSDI lawyer comes in.


How Lawyers Help with SSDI Claims

You have a far, far better chance of winning at appeal with a good SSDI lawyer. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons some appeals are successful and so many others aren’t.

Our Memphis SSDI attorneys look over your initial application and the SSA’s response. We build an entire case for you that fixes the problems in your first application and backs up all your claims.

For example, we gather medical evidence, witness testimony, proof of work history, and more. We represent you at hearings and help you navigate the complicated SSDI system.

As a result, our appeal success rate is extremely high. We don’t make promises to anyone, but compared to the average, it’s hard to describe the difference when you work with a lawyer. It’s night and day.

darrell-castleOur Memphis SSDI Lawyers Raise Your Odds of Success

When you’re looking for the right SSDI lawyer, think about who you want representing you. You don’t want a huge firm that’s too busy to take your case seriously. At the same time, with too small a firm, they won’t have the resources to fight for you.

Our award-winning team has helped hundreds of people in Memphis get the disability benefits they need, and we can help you, too. We’re small enough to give you the quality care and attention you deserve. And we’re big enough that you’ll always know you’re in good hands.

We’ve built a reputation across Memphis for quality care, respect, and compassion. And we don’t get paid a penny unless you do. In fact, even then, we only get a fraction of your past-due benefits. You keep every dollar moving forward.

We love helping the people of Memphis, and we would be proud to help you, too. To start with a free consultation, just give us a call at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below.

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