Last month,  The Washington Post reported that although we are well into the pandemic, dog adoption is still on the rise. As a Memphis dog attack lawyer, I know this means it’s more important than ever to keep your children safe from potentially vicious dogs. Dogs can be amazing companions, especially in a time when so many of are craving some much needed companionship. But it’s important to remember that any dog can bite given the right circumstance. And unfortunately, most dog bites happen to young children.

Almost half of all dog bites happen to children.

There are nearly 340, 000 emergency room visits for dog bites in the U.S. each year. Sadly, more than 40% of the victims are children and adolescents. Children face physical injuries ranging in severity from superficial scratches to even more tragic and debilitating ones. They can also face lasting emotional trauma. I’ve met many children who have become afraid of all animals due to a frightening interaction with a dog, which is truly unfortunate.

Protecting ourselves and our loved ones from dog bites requires action and common sense. And not just from dog owners. It’s up to all of us to be mindful around dogs and take certain precautions.

Here are a few steps you can take to keep your children safe from dog attacks:

1. For dogs on the street: Children tend to be “magnetized” to dogs and eager to interact with them. Warn your child to stay away from dogs when they are walking or busy.  This can be particularly important if dogs are sleeping or being actively trained by their owner.

2. Two questions to always ask first: It’s common for children, especially small children, to reach out to pet a dog while they’re asking if it’s okay. Teach your children to ask the owner before they try to pet any animal. If the owner says it’s okay to pet their dog, the child should then ask, ‘Where does he/she like to be petted?’ This makes sure that your child doesn’t accidentally touch a spot that’s triggering or sensitive for the dog. When in doubt over whether a dog is friendly or not, best to steer clear all together.

3. For dogs you know are dangerous:If you already know a dog in your neighborhood may be dangerous, you need to take extra steps to stay safe. A few common safety precautions include:

  • Walking on the opposite side of the street.
  • Keeping your own pets inside.
  • Encouraging your kids to play in the backyard instead of the front yard to avoid interaction.
  • And warning your children to stay away from all neighborhood dogs.

Even with all the precautions in the world, dog bites happen. We meet children in our office all the time who are terrified of dogs because they were attacked by a vicious animal.

If your child has a dog related injury, speak with an experienced Memphis dog attack lawyer for FREE.

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