States usually control their own nursing home systems. But lately the federal government has taken on nursing home abuses. And while the process does help hold these homes accountable, it may not always punish them enough.

Across the country, state employees oversee nursing home inspections and send their information to the federal government. The feds can then sue nursing homes that have been found guilty of abuse or neglect. The lawsuits typically demand that abusive nursing homes pay back some of their Medicaid and Medicare funding.

The federal government also keeps a list of worst nursing homes. Some places have been found guilty of neglectful behavior for years. The list includes some homes consistently ranked as the lowest quality in the nation. So it might make you wonder how these businesses even stay open.

Technically, if the home doesn’t improve conditions, it could lose its Medicare and Medicaid funding completely. But that doesn’t always happen, and it can take years.

Memphis Attorney for Nursing Home Abuses

Is any of this enough? Why do we allow places to stay open for years when they treat our elders with this kind of disrespect? Why should the government be compensated and not the families of those people who have been abused?

As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Memphis, I’ve seen some terrible cases out there. Elder abuse breaks my heart, and should make us all furious. Fortunately, we don’t have to depend on the federal government to get justice. We have the civil courts to help.

Our Memphis elder abuse firm helps make your case against abusive and neglectful nursing homes. We fight for you and your family to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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