In early January, two civilians were rushed to the hospital after a four-vehicle collision on I-10. First responders and police officers were able to manage the aftermath and traffic with ease shortly after – however an even more unexpected accident happened later on when two more cars also crashed into police vehicles on the scene. Two police officers were then rushed to the hospital, and thankfully neither the police officers nor civilians taken to the ER that night were in critical condition. Even though the state of Tennessee enforces a “Move Over” law where drivers are required to move over and make room for first responders on the roads, unfortunately the inevitable negligence of drivers still compromised the safety of others around them in this sequence of events. 

And when you may find yourself as a victim in an event as unexpected as a car accident, you want the best care and safety possible for yourself and any loved ones involved. Day-to-day we hear of and witness unpredictable circumstances, and again thankfully no injury was fatal in this particular car accident, but Darrell Castle & Associates completely understands that any victim of an accident like this one deserves the absolute best healthcare in the aftermath. Given an additional car crash happened on the scene that night, it’s another reminder that we need to be prepared for any circumstance in our day-to-day livess. And while the negligence came from different drivers that night, sometimes that same negligence can come from doctors in their practice. 

After one experiences a tragic event and is in need of urgent care, you want a doctor that will take care of you to the best of their absolute ability. And unfortunately, this does not always come to be the case. When you need intensive, urgent medical care, and you find yourself suffering further injury from a doctor’s negligence, it is in your best interest to contact a credible Memphis medical malpractice lawyer in your area.

Even when a doctor’s mistake in their care is accidental, you deserve the rightful compensation and justice for an injury that could have been avoided. It is easily traumatic and life-changing to suffer medical malpractice because as a patient you want to be able to undeniably trust your doctor. A medical malpractice lawyer will be ready to step in and help you walk through this sensitive and time-consuming process.

It is important that clients have as much bandwidth as possible to focus on their road to recovery and better health. Working with an attorney during a tragic event like this relieves you of your own responsibilities to bring justice to fruition, and you also no longer have to interface with the hospital or doctor(s) involved.

Stakes and risks are incredibly high when you must go to the hospital, and no patient deserves to suffer further consequences because a surgery or any other healthcare procedure is carried out poorly or with negligence.

We are trained to handle the unexpected, because transformative accidents occur in many different forms every day.