Document that says "personal injury law" and glasses, stamp, and pen3 Things to Look for From Your Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’ve been injured, you have a lot of options for attorneys. But how do you know if they’re good? How do you know they’ll fight for you? Here are three factors to help you choose a personal injury lawyer in Memphis or your local region.

One: They’re Local

Personal injury lawyers famously advertise all over town. They fill the air waves with lots of promises. But some of the firms that advertise the most don’t tell you they’re actually based somewhere else. It’s important you find a personal injury lawyer local to you, for a few different reasons.

First, you’ll almost certainly want to meet them face-to-face, since that will help you decide if you like them and trust them with your case.

In addition, they’ll need to investigate and understand your case inside and out. This is much easier if they know your community.

For example, an accident at the intersection of Walnut Grove and I-240 in Memphis will require your lawyer to understand specific details about the scene, like the way the lane changes work and traffic patterns at that time of day. They may even want to go there to investigate for themselves — something we do all the time.

Third, your lawyer may need to represent you in court. If so, you want an attorney who knows and understands the court system where you live. They should be familiar with the judges and other attorneys, and they should know how to communicate with them effectively.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Memphis, TNTwo: They Have the Experience

Your attorney might be great at one type of personal injury law, but that doesn’t mean they have experience with your particular type of case.

Your first conversation with a personal injury lawyer should always be free—in fact, they shouldn’t get paid anything unless you do. So look for an attorney who can give you examples of the work they’ve done in the past. Ask them how long they’ve been practicing and how many cases they’ve won that are similar to yours.

If your attorney doesn’t have years of experience in your specific type of case, move on to someone who does.

Three: They’ll Give You the Attention You Deserve

Some of the biggest, best-known firms may look like the obvious option. They have the nicest lobbies, the best coffee machines, and the slickest TV ads.

That’s all worthless when they won’t even answer your call.

You want an attorney who makes you feel like the most important client they have. When you’re talking with them about your case, they should be eager, attentive, and excited to fight for you.

Instead, a lot of people find these big firms let them down when it matters most. They don’t communicate with their clients about the details, or they leave you wondering where they are with your case. And when you reach out with questions, they might even treat you like a burden or annoyance—especially if they don’t think your case is “big enough” to be one of the “important ones.”

This is probably the biggest mistake I see when people look for attorneys. Our firm is known for our client care, and as a result, people come to us all the time after being let down by these fast-talking firms. You matter, your case matters (no matter how “big” or “small”), and we prove that to our clients every step of the way.

(And we have a pretty nice lobby, too, for what it’s worth!)

A Personal Injury Lawyer Memphis Trusts

If you find yourself wondering how to choose a personal injury lawyer, you’ve come to the right place.

We have the experience you need and give you the attention you deserve. That’s why we’ve won multiple awards for client satisfaction and have happily served Memphis for over 30 years.

You have every right to be picky about your personal injury attorney. If you’d like someone who will give you quality care, compassionate attention, and their full efforts to win your case, contact us today. Call 901-327-1212, or fill out the form below.

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