Whether you or a loved one were in some type of accident resulting in a brain injury, you may be wondering how to pay for all the rehabilitation treatment costs. Brain injuries are expensive and there are often long-term financial consequences of such injuries. There is hope! The following are some things to consider when thinking about payment for treatment.

Filing a Lawsuit
Something happened that caused the brain injury; it didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Were you in a car accident? Did a doctor make a mistake during surgery? Did you get beat up at work? Whatever happened, there is a responsible party. That person or entity is responsible for the financial reimbursement of your rehabilitation costs. In some cases, that individual’s insurance will cover the costs, but that often isn’t enough. If you and a lawyer feel there is more you could receive during the course of a lawsuit, you might consider that.

A lawyer can help you get all your ducks in a row so the process runs as smoothly as possible. You’ll need to fill out the proper paperwork, get it filed on time, serve the papers and prepare for court. Your lawyer will probably go about collecting evidence to show the other party is responsible for your injuries. That evidence might include photographs, copies of conversations, interviews of witnesses and other similar evidence.

If you win your case, there could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in it, depending on the settlement. You should be able to recoup treatment costs that have already been paid, as well as have the money for future treatment.

What to Do in the Meantime
Until your case is settled, you’ll need to find a way to pay for treatment so you don’t end up in financial trouble. If you are able, you could pay out of pocket for those expenses. Your settlement money would then compensate you for all that you paid.

You could also turn to your health insurance plan. The insurance company would probably put a lien on your settlement to be reimbursed before you receive any of the settlement money yourself. Speak with your provider to ensure you are seen by doctors and other medical professionals who are covered under your plan.

Contacting a Lawyer for Assistance
After an accident that causes a brain injury, you may feel helpless and hopeless, but there is hope. A brain injury lawyer, can assist you in finding proper compensation from the proper party. Contact a lawyer today to get started.