With car versus truck accidents, it’s rare for the motorist to not sustain a serious injury, particularly if either vehicle was traveling at speed. A truck accident lawyer may suggest that this is because trucks are large and heavy and cars are no match when they collide. As a result, the car driver may be fatally injured or suffer a life-altering and permanent injury. Without the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer, the victim may not recover the full extent of their damages. It is all too easy for them to get taken advantage of by insurance companies who are only concerned about protecting their profit margin.

In seeking compensation, the victim’s claim with the trucking company is handled somewhat differently than in cases where the at-fault driver was operating their privately-owned car. If it is a commercial truck, their insurance carrier will be involved. As with passenger vehicle insurance companies, commercial vehicle companies will not readily payout on large claims without compelling proof and documentation. There are other reasons too which can make it difficult for victims who do not have legal counsel to receive a fair settlement from the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company. We encourage you to contact a lawyer if you were injured in a truck accident so that you can avoid the many pitfalls associated with claims against trucking companies. Darrell Castle & Associates has a truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN has turned to for years with their injury cases. 

Here are several factors that can complicate and frustrate the process of obtaining compensation for damages associated with an injury from a truck accident:

The Commercial Trucking Industry is Heavily Regulated
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration governs the trucking industry. State, local, and municipal government agencies may also have laws and restrictions that affect how a trucking company can legally operate their business. These laws also dictate how truckers must perform their jobs, in particular with regard to required breaks and licensing. Additional laws are in place that governs how cargo should be loaded, and how hazardous materials must be transported. When our truck accident lawyer takes a case, they examine details such as the trucking company’s records and the driver’s mileage logs. For instance, if the driver did not have sufficient rest as required by law, they may have fallen asleep at the wheel or experienced a delay in their reaction time. This can bolster an injury victim’s case that the driver was at fault for the accident and is therefore liable for damages.

Trucking Companies Often Have Deep Pockets and Teams of Lawyers
Many trucking companies are national corporations and as such, have teams of lawyers on retainer. Because their reputation is based on providing cargo transportation and other trucking services, paying out settlements to injury victims may be considered an admission of guilt which could damage their reputation and cause them to lose customers. Their legal teams will make every effort to limit the company’s liability. Without their own truck accident lawyer by their side, injury victims are apt to be taken advantage of by the trucking company, their insurance carrier, and lawyers.

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