If you’ve suffered liver damage from taking Tylenol, take action now

By: Darrell Castle

As you may be aware, Tylenol has been linked to acute liver failure because of its active ingredient Acetaminophen. It’s not too late to file suit if you’ve taken Tylenol and have suffered this injury.

Video Transcript

Hello this is Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and what I’m talking about on this video once again today is Tylenol.

You’ve probably all heard about Tylenol by now. The fact is that the active ingredient in Tylenol, Acetaminophen, causes chronic liver disease – chronic liver failure – a known liver toxin. So be very very careful when you take it.

Look at the label. Read the label carefully. Don’t exceed the dose on the label.

Now, for Extra Strength Tylenol, what does the label normally say that you should be taking? It says take two of these every six hours. One is 500 mg. Two then is obviously one gram. And it says you can have one gram every six hours. So if you do that four times over 24 hours, in that 24 hour period, you’ve taken what the FDA says is a toxic dose – 4 grams.

The permitted amount for you to take on the label, according to the FDA, is toxic, so be very careful with it.

Now what does Acetaminophen do? What does it cause? It causes chronic acute liver failure, which can be fatal. It can cause you to be on the liver transplant list or to have a transplant or to spend a lot of time in the hospital. It’s a very very serious matter and it can be irreversible.

It’s also exasberated or made worse by the use of alcohol. Also, alcohol may blur your mind as well as your liver. You might not be able to read the label on the bottle quite as clearly and you’re not quite sure how much you’re taking. You might take some and not be sure how much you’ve taken. You might wake up 2,3 or 4 hours later and forget what time it is and not know or not remember when you took the last few Tylenol and take some more.

It’s all very dangerous so you need to be very very careful about it but the good news is if you have suffered chronic liver failure, liver disease, you’re on the transplant list, you had a liver transplant, or you know someone who has had any of these things or someone who possibly died from the effects of Tylenol’s ingredient, Acetaminophen, it’s not too late, these claims are still going on – you can still make a claim and need to see somebody about that – someone experienced in these cases – right away folks.

Time is going on but it’s running out as well.

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