Look on your elderly loved one’s car, garage door and mailbox. Do you see any scrapes or dents? If you do, according to a USA Today report, it’s time to discuss driving with them.

According to a survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance of 1,007 adults ages 40-65 with at least one parent who drives, 17% of traffic deaths in the US involved people age 65. People age 65 and older only make up 13% of the US population.

The report states that if you notice any of the signs above, you should ride with the driver a couple of times to evaluate how well he or she drives. Then you can determine whether or not it’s time to talk to them about giving up driving.

I know this can be extremely difficult for both parties, especially for the driver. As a fellow 65 year old myself, I would not take lightly someone judging my driving ability, even if it was my own daughter who I love dearly. After all, I’m the one who taught HER to drive. I believe in freedom and mobility until it truly becomes a danger to others.

If you believe your elderly loved one’s driving has become a true danger to others, then it’s time to at least have a discussion.

If your loved one does unfortunately end up in a car accident, you should seek medical help immediately. Even the smallest amount of pain after an accident has a tendency to turn into chronic pain. This can be especially dangerous for elderly people. A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN motorists work with from Darrell Castle & Associates can help you recover damages from the driver who caused your injury.

After your loved one has been treated, if the accident wasn’t his or her fault, seek the advice of an experienced Memphis personal injury attorney.

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