When the temperature skyrockets as it has in recent weeks, the first people we check on are elderly neighbors and relatives. Health problems may restrict seniors from getting to cooler places; and dehydration risks increase as people age.

Similarly, it’s extremely important for nursing homes and other care centers to use proper precaution when dealing with temperatures on their property. When a home neglects to handle extreme heat with the urgency its residents need, it can lead to serious illness, injuries, and even death.

Unfortunately, some facilities don’t always do their part and residents get hurt. Here are some things nursing homes and care centers should always be doing to protect their residents from the heat:


    • Keep the thermostat maintained and set on a cool temperature at all times.
    • Make sure residents who want to go outside do so at the mildest parts of the day and always have assistance.
    • Check on residents regularly and make sure they drink plenty of water.
    • If the power goes out, contact local authorities immediately. Get emergency assistance if necessary.
    • Provide ice, cold water, and help whenever needed or requested.


It’s important to keep communication open with your loved one during times of dangerous heat. Make regular visits and observe the environment carefully. Those two steps always help to protect your family member when in a care-giving situation. Our nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN counts on knows nursing home neglect and elder abuse occur so often in part because abusers aren’t held accountable.

If your loved has one suffered from neglect in a nursing home, you should contact a qualified attorney. Our Memphis nursing home abuse lawyers would be happy to discuss your case with you at no charge and let you know your options.

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