We recently handled a Memphis slip and fall case that teaches a lot of lessons about how the system works and what you can do if you’re ever injured in a slip and fall.

Scale of the Injury: The Case Details

The case involved a woman who fell over an animal scale at a veterinary clinic. An employee partially obscured the scale from view by walking in front of her. The woman didn’t see it and tripped and fell as a result.

She went to the doctor in great pain and found out she had a torn rotator cuff and torn meniscus. She underwent two surgeries on two different body parts at the same time.

After the accident, she had trouble finding a lawyer who would take her case. She filed a pro se case in general sessions, which has a $25,000 awards limit. But she really needed a lawyer. She didn’t want t0 represent herself, and she rightly feared even the maximum amount wouldn’t cover her costs and wouldn’t be enough. Smartly, she filed her case on the last day of her statute of limitations, so she kept time running on her case. Then she called us.

We were able to get her case out of general sessions and into a jury trial. After a good deal of litigation, we went into mediation and settled for $70,000.

What We Can Learn from the Case

Injury cases are often total accidents.

This is a perfect example of an accident. No one’s blaming the employee for blocking the scale or saying the veterinary clinic purposefully tried to hurt this woman in their office. When accidents happen, the insurance companies try to determine whether they’re responsible and who will pay. Lawyers help make sure that happens in the most fair way for their client, because without insurance paying, the injured person could be stuck with impossible medical bills. In this case, as in many slip and falls, the property’s insurance was responsible, so they ended up paying for the damages.

Time is of the essence.

This client made the genius move to file her case before time ran out, so she didn’t lose her opportunity to get compensation. Not everyone would know to do this. If you’re injured, you need to find an attorney quickly so you can get justice.

Your attorney matters.

I’m not ashamed to say we weren’t the first firm this woman contacted. But we were the ones who handed her the check, and that should say everything it needs to. Other firms didn’t see the value in her case, and we did. So we fought for her and won the compensation she needed. Congratulations to attorney David Lumb for his knowledge and hard work. If you’re in a similar situation with your Memphis slip and fall case, find someone who believes in you and will give you the representation you deserve.

Find an Attorney for Your Memphis Slip and Fall Case

If you’ve suffered from a Memphis slip and fall accident, you need a lawyer who knows the system, cares about your case, and will fight for you with everything they’ve got.

Our attorneys have proven time and again, just like in the case here, that we give it our all. We stand up for our clients and give every case our individual care. We don’t let ego or petty office problems get in our way from fighting for our clients. That’s why we’ve received numerous awards for client satisfaction. We’d love to show you what we can do.

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