Due to the fact that humans are mortal, means that eventually we all have to process the loss of a loved one very close to us. Even when someone we care about passes away naturally after a very long and happy life, we may still be completely heartbroken. So, if we find out our loved one’s death was premature and due to the fault of another person, we can become understandably irate, confused and overwhelmed with grief. Those who have had a loved one pass wrongfully, may want to consider meeting with a wrongful death lawyer to find out how to hold the offender responsible for their actions. The early and unlawful death of a family member can happen in a variety of scenarios.

Here in the article below, we have talked further about the three main ways wrongful death scenarios may unfold.

#1 Vehicle Collisions

Every year, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost in America due to car accidents. A driver may have been innocently cruising along when they were smashed into by a drunk, reckless or distracted driver. Or, a driver may perish due to vehicle-related malfunctions or failures. This innocent person may pass immediately as a result of the impact, or while in the hospital from not being able to overcome the injuries sustained. Vehicle collisions can arise on the roadway for many reasons, including:

  • Negligent drivers
  • Speedy divers
  • Roadway hazards or construction
  • Mechanical defects
  • Drunk drivers
  • Distracted drivers

#2 Workplace Accidents or Illness

Every employee deserves to work in an environment that is safe. Employers do have a responsibility to maintain a reasonably risk-free workplace. However, there are times where an employer may fall short and an accident happens. Employees may pass away as a result of a sudden and unexpected accident, or from an illness that developed due to a work hazard. While the surviving family may be able to obtain death benefits through their loved one’s workers compensation program, they may not want to depend on this solely. Many family members may meet with attorney to find out more about how to file a wrongful death lawsuit against their loved one’s employer for the accident or illness. Examples of injuries that may have been a factor in a loved one’s passing include:

  • Asbestos exposure
  • Slip and fall
  • Construction accident
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Railroad injuries
  • Industrial/manufacturing factory accidents

#3 Medical Malpractice

While doctors are typically viewed as professionals who can cure the ailments of their patients, this does not mean they are incapable of making mistakes. Sometimes, a doctor’s errors or oversights can lead to the death of their patient. If a doctor or medical support staff fails to uphold a reasonable level of medical care which influenced a patient’s passing, this may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. Examples of ways medical malpractice can happen in hospitals or other facilities include:

  • Misdiagnosis/failure to diagnose
  • Incorrect treatment plan
  • Birth injury which lead to a newborn’s death
  • Unreasonably delayed medical procedure
  • Defective or poorly sanitized medical devices
  • Incorrect medication prescription dosage/type