Tennessee attorneys and injured workers have known it for years: our lawmakers are trying to make it harder and harder to fight for workers’ comp benefits. 

They made some progress in 2014. They cut disability benefits, made it harder to show injuries are work-related, and moved the claims to a new administrative court. 

As a result, claims are down. Many workers’ comp lawyers don’t feel it’s worth it to take new cases, especially with their fees set by law to a small portion of their clients’ past-due benefits. 

But here’s the funny thing about workplace injuries: they don’t just suddenly stop because we try to limit the claims. People are still getting injured at work, they’re still looking for someone to cover the costs, and now in many cases they’re finding it really hard to get help.

As a Memphis workers’ comp lawyer, I understand the fear of everyone involved, from the employers who don’t want to pay false claims to the insurance companies that don’t want to foot the bill. I definitely understand why other lawyers might be scared of taking any workers’ comp cases and have decided not to take calls from people who were hurt on the job.

But I’m not afraid.