City workers in Memphis – who took a hard loss this summer from pay cuts – will have one relief in coming weeks: they get six pay periods off from paying health care premiums.

If you work for the city of Memphis, that means you might save as much as $70-$150 each pay period. Here are the weeks you’ll see a change:


    • September 2
    • September 16
    • September 30
    • October 14
    • November 23, and
    • March 30


This relief comes from a surplus in health care funds following the pay cuts made this summer and changes to benefits in 2010.

But many city workers don’t feel relieved. The extra funds have been taken in part from higher insurance costs that they have already paid, and the influx of cash is short-term. In the meantime, if you’re a city worker, you have to cover the costs of inflation for the long haul.

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