May 2, 2013 -Memphis, TN

On Wednesday night, an 18-wheeler flipped on I-55 off Riverside Drive.

According to the Commercial Appeal, the accident closed I-55 North at Crump and 1-240 Westbound at the I-55 junction. It caused a traffic headache on Wednesday, and the site continues to be closed leading into Thursday.

No doubt they’ll get everything cleaned up soon, but as people start to leave for their morning commute, it could continue to be a traffic nightmare at least for the morning.

The reason for all these closures? The truck was carrying nitric acid. When it flipped, it spilled the chemical into the street.

Fortunately at this point, no one has been reported injured. Hazmat teams are on the scene, along with the police and fire department. Police say the area won’t reopen until it’s completely cleared.

Nitric acid is a strong chemical compound powerful enough to eat human flesh and cause severe chemical burns. It can stain human skin yellow and later orange, and can also lead to explosion if mixed with other chemicals.

This accident highlights some of the specific dangers with truck accidents. Truck accidents aren’t like any other kind of accidents on the road: the consequences are more severe; legal investigations have to include information about cargo, driving hours, and truck mechanics / maintenance; and victims can be injured for life, or are often killed.

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