Last week, I informed you we’re investigating cases involving temporary IVC filters, which are used to stop blood clots. These devices have been connected to severe side affects, like organ damage, the need for open heart surgery, and even death.

In September, NBC ran an in-depth investigation on IVC filters. In installment one they talk about how the device is injuring people, and then in their follow-up report, they discuss how manufacturer CR Bard may have covered up the dangers.

They tell the story of Dodi Froehlich, who had the device implanted and four months later returned to the hospital with a headache. The doctors realized part of the device had broken and traveled through her veins to her heart. She ended up needing emergency open heart surgery, and she barely survived.

This report does a great job explaining what these devices are and why they’re so dangerous. They also dig into how the company that makes them knew they were dangerous, and didn’t seem to do anything about it.

As a Tennessee IVC filter lawyer, I want to hold the manufacturer accountable and get justice for the victims who have been injured.

If you’ve had an IVC filter implanted and experienced heart, vein, or lung problems, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact me as soon as possible so we can investigate your case for free.

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