Have you been injured by an IVC filter?

Our firm is investigating temporary blood filters, which are tiny devices implanted temporarily in the veins. 

Over time, these devices can fracture and migrate through the body to the heart and other organs. In fact, recent studies show approximately 40% of these devices will fail within 5 years! 

Temporary IVC filters have been connected to:

  • serious heart problems
  • internal bleeding
  • need for open heart surgery
  • need for surgery on blood vessels 
  • permanent injury to vital organs
  • and even death

What’s worse, it appears the manufacturers likely knew about these issues and didn’t report them. 

If you or a loved one has had a temporary IVC filter implanted and it led to heart, vein, or lung problems, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Memphis IVC filter lawyers will investigate your case for free. 

Time is limited on cases like this, especially in Tennessee, so it’s important not to wait. Contact us at 901-327-1212 or by filling out the form on this page.