Can you get arrested for road rage?

You can if you pull a gun on the other driver – and you most definitely will if that other driver happens to be an FBI agent.

So goes the story of Eugene Bernardini, who in November bumped another car on Hacks Cross Road and then proceeded to pull a gun on the vehicle’s driver – FBI Special Agent Thomas Barlow.

According to The Commercial Appeal, Barlow disarmed the enraged driver and ejected the magazine after the gun wouldn’t fire. Bernardini then approached Barlow with a knife, so Barlow dropped the empty gun. Bernardini took the gun and fled. He was arrested later that night.

Earlier this month, the driver was convicted and sentenced to 15 years without parole.

Road rage doesn’t always look this armed and dangerous, but it can still be deadly. When we let our anger get the best of us, it can lead us to do risky things without even realizing it, like:

    • speeding up suddenly
    • taking our eyes off the road
    • swerving, or
    • running a red light.

This behavior doesn’t need ammunition to be fatal. The wrong moves and suddenly you’re in a serious car accident.

And while you might not face criminal charges, you most certainly will be held responsible for the accident.

Better to take three deep breaths. Road rage is simply not worth losing your life.

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