To call these last few weeks overwhelming would be an understatement. I know that many of us are struggling to keep pace with the frequency of news updates. We all could use a breather, but the fact remains that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Recently released data reveals the heavy toll this virus has taken, and continues to take, on nursing home residents.

According to new data from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and ABC News, as many as 43% of coronavirus fatalities occur at long-term care facilities. In at least 18 states, it’s over 50%.

Here are several key statistics about coronavirus deaths and nursing homes.

  • There have been over 37,600 coronavirus-related fatalities at America’s nursing homes, nearly 40% of all deaths from Covid-19.
  • In at least 18 states, nursing home fatalities account for more than 50% of all coronavirus-related deaths.
  • Over 182,500 nursing home residents and staff have contracted Covid-19.
  • That means more than 14% of America’s total nursing home population has contracted Covid-19.
  • Ten states have yet to release any figures.

We all want to return to normalcy more than anything. However, with such a high degree of coronavirus fatalities at nursing home facilities, that is nearly impossible. As Matthew Mosk, Olivia Rubin, and Allison Pecorin write for ABC News:

In at least 18 states, nursing home deaths account for over 50% of coronavirus-related deaths, placing a continued stress on the infrastructure for American elder care even as much of the nation tries to return to some sense of normalcy.

The same factors that lead to other forms of nursing home abuse are at play here, too.

As a a personal injury lawyer Memphis TN trusts, I know that nursing home abuse and neglect happens in Memphis far more often than many of us realize. Understaffing and a lack of overall resources are often to blame.

The very nature of nursing homes, with close proximity and tight quarters, have made these facilities a public health hazard during the spread of coronavirus. However, it’s important to recognize that oversights and missteps have deepened the risk and intensified the crisis.

The following factors have undoubtedly led to these outbreaks:

  • Understaffing
  • A lack of proper training
  • A lack of testing and personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Disregard for guidance from infectious disease experts

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Nursing homes must do their part to limit the spread of coronavirus and keep residents and staff healthy.

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