Memphis continues to mourn the tragic death of toddler Carl Oliver – the 2-year-old recently struck and killed by a car near Frayser Boulevard and New Allen Road. We add our deepest condolences to all of the people involved.

Investigators found that the little boy ran between two cars and that the woman who struck him stopped and remained on the scene.

Pedestrian injuries in Memphis happen all the time; but when children are involved, it’s different. A lot of accidents in Memphis involve a lack of safe pedestrian crosswalks or irresponsible behavior from one or both parties. When a child runs out in front of a car, it’s often no one’s fault.

Even a parent taking their eyes off a child for one second can be dangerous. Large cars make small children difficult to see. The kid is usually just being a kid: playing, carefree, without a thought of danger. And in this case, twilight made seeing him even more difficult.

We’re glad the legal side of this case could be resolved quickly and easily, at least for now. Oliver’s far too early death reminds us to hold tightly to our loved ones, and to be ever-careful on the road, even and especially close to home.

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