Did you know Memphis currently ranks as the 7th most dangerous metro area for pedestrians?

That’s right, walkers. The Commercial Appeal announced the news today after the release of Transportation for America’s report, which includes the nation’s 54 largest metro areas.

From 2000 to 2009, 266 pedestrians have been killed in Memphis by road vehicles. Many more have been severely injured.

The city is currently working through ways to make Memphis more foot-friendly, including changes in the infrastructure and investment in accessibility options. In the future, Memphians might see more sidewalks and crosswalks to help keep pedestrians safer.

In the meantime, if you or someone you care about has been injured by a vehicle while walking, there are a few ways to seek compensation for your losses and the bills that come later.

One typical example: a person intends to cross the street, but at that exact moment a car is turning and hits the pedestrian.

No one wants to go to trial in a situation like this, because the pedestrian doesn’t want to risk his or her possible financial recovery, and the driver doesn’t want his or her record to be affected. If the driver of the car that hits the pedestrian has insurance, a settlement is often the best option.

If the driver is uninsured, which often happens, our firm would usually try to connect the accident to the walker’s auto insurance through uninsured motorist coverage.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian in Memphis, our attorneys can help. We have represented many people in your situation, and we’d be glad to talk through your options with you.