Playgrounds are places of recreation and fun: smiling children, hide and seek, and swing sets. But one fall from the monkey bars can quickly ruin an otherwise perfect day at the park.

Every year, more than 200,000 children visit the hospital for a playground-related injury; more than a tenth are treated for a traumatic brain injury. Here’s what you should know about playground accidents.

The Most Common Causes

Lack of Supervision

Regular observation of a child at play is critical to preventing accidents. School teachers and daycare staff have a responsibility to prevent reasonable harm to those under their care, but understaffing is a big issue. If a child is injured on the playground due to negligent supervision, those responsible can be held liable. Accidents happen, of course, so an experienced Memphis personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether or not negligent supervision was a factor.

Poorly Maintained Equipment

Well maintained playgrounds pose fewer risks for children. On the other hand, sharp edges, rusty equipment, and slippery surfaces can cause serious injuries. If poorly maintained equipment causes an accident, those responsible can be held liable for resulting injuries.

Equipment Design

The design of a playground itself plays a part in playground accidents. First, not all playground designs are suitable for smaller children, so it’s important to read signs and only use equipment that is appropriate for your child’s age. Check that a playground has soft material underneath, such as wood chips, sand, mulch, or a rubberized ground cover. Since falls cause many accidents, look out for guardrails and soft ground cover.

Unsafe behavior

Young children don’t always recognize their own limits. Unsafe behavior is a leading factor in playground accidents. Talk to your child about safety before a day at the park, and with younger children, only use age-appropriate equipment.

Premises Liability & Negligent Supervision

Depending on your playground accident, a person or entity may be responsible for covering your child’s injuries. Playground operators including schools have a duty to make their equipment reasonably safe for children. If they have not taken necessary steps, they may be deemed negligent. A Memphis personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether or not you can bring a suit to recover for a playground accident.

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