With late spring approaching, Memphis area home owners are preparing to open their swimming pools, including setting the water and chemical levels, gathering toys, and cleaning off the patio furniture,

But if you own a pool or have a swimming area on your property, there are also some important safety issues to consider.

Pool owners can be responsible for injuries occurring on their property. Even if someone sneaks in to use your pool without your permission, that person’s safety may be part of your responsibility according to the law. Pools can be considered an “attractive nuisance” for children who, not knowing better, might sneak onto the property to use a water slide or toy they see. Unsupervised, those children are more likely to injure themselves or drown.

To protect yourself from premises liability issues in the future, make sure to have these safety precautions in place when opening your pool for the season:


    • Protect your pool from trespassers by maintaining a fence around the premises and a solid, working lock. Keep doors leading to the pool closed.
    • Keep a first-aid kit and automatic external defibrillator (AED) visible and easily accessible at all times.
    • Always supervise anyone using your pool.
    • Attach signs to warn swimmers of water depth and other risks, including the dangers of swimming when there is no lifeguard on duty.
    • Maintain your swimming pool and equipment. Clean up slippery spots around the pool, keep diving boards in good shape, pay attention to chemical levels, etc.


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