Memphis has a serious problem with truck accidents. Our city serves as a meeting point between three states, and we’re a hub for one of the largest shipping companies on the planet. As a result, we hear about truck accidents in the news far too often. Now politicians and safety advocates have begun a push to prevent Memphis truck accidents and save lives.

As a Memphis truck accident lawyer, I see these safety issues come up often for truck drivers. Here’s what you need to know and what we can do about it.

Adding Underbody Guards to Protect Cars

Memphis politicians and others have recently pushed the Department of Transportation to require underbody guards (sometimes called underside guards) on all tractor trailers. These guards protect cars from sliding under trucks in the case of accidents.

Most trucks—especially the ones belonging to large companies—already use these life-saving devices. They can protect a company from liability and help keep everyone safer, including their own drivers.

However, some trucks still don’t have any guards. And in those larger companies, the guards they have in place get weaker with time. They may erode, fall off, or malfunction.

As a result, car drivers currently are at risk of sliding under these massive trucks—accidents that tend to be severe or fatal even at very slow speeds.

Prevent Memphis Truck Accidents with Headache Racks or Cab Guards

Cab guards—also known by drivers as headache racks—protect truck drivers. They block the back of the cab from the rest of the truck’s load.

Say, for example, a truck carries huge steel beams in a flatbed trailer down I-40. He follows the speed limit and does everything right. Then a tire blows out, or something else happens that isn’t his fault. He hits the breaks, and suddenly all those steel beams slam forward. Without a cab guard in place, the load in the back of the truck could fly to the front and kill the driver.

Instead, with the guard in place, a steel bar covers the back of the cab and keeps the driver separate from whatever they’re hauling.

However, just like with underbody guards, these contraptions can suffer over time. They may have defects, like a loose bolt or weak materials. In such instances, the driver could be at terrible risk due to no fault of their own.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Memphis Truck Accident

With any truck accident, you need a trusted and experienced truck accident lawyer. Complicated liability issues come up with insurance, employers, and anyone else involved in the crash. Injuries tend to be much more serious. The stakes are high.

You need someone with experience in every part of truck accident cases: workers’ comp, personal injury, and even disability law all might come into play.

Our Memphis truck accident attorneys have exactly that experience. We will help you fight every step of the way and help you get the justice you need and deserve. And we don’t get paid unless you do.

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