If you hit a car from behind, are you automatically at fault for the accident? Memphis car crash lawyer Darrell Castle explains.

If I rear end a vehicle, am I automatically at fault for the car accident?

If you rear end another vehicle, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically at fault. It certainly looks bad – it looks like you were inattentive and so forth.

But suppose someone hit you and knocked you into the rear of another vehicle. Then the one who hit you would probably be at fault.

There’s no absolute, clear-cut answer. That is the classic case of responsibility: a rear-end accident. But sometimes there will be a chain reaction rear-end accident where someone hits you and knocks you into another car, and maybe there’s even another car involved. So it’s not always clear.

If you’ve been hit like that you should always talk to an attorney about it. If it becomes necessary to pursue a lawsuit, a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN community members rely on from Darrell Castle & Associates can help.

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