Rear-end car accidents are one of the most common type of accidents, and they always seem to happen when you least expect it. Maybe you’re on a quick trip to the grocery store, or driving to work, and suddenly you find yourself in this type of annoying fender bender. You might think determining fault in a rear-end accident is straight forward. But as a rear-end collision lawyer TN relies on, I can tell you these types of accidents are not always that simple.

Maybe the car in front had a flat tire or other issue but didn’t turn on their hazard lights. Or perhaps the driver in front accelerated in reverse, and their tail lights weren’t working. Or maybe you were in an accident that involved more than two cars. In certain cases, it is possible that the rear driver is only partially to blame, or even not to blame at all.

If you find yourself in this situation, whether you’re the driver in the front or behind, it’s important to know what to do immediately following the accident to best protect yourself.

What to do after a rear-end collision

Take care of any injuries.

First and foremost, assess if there are any severe injuries as a result of the accident and contact an ambulance or other medical emergency service.

Gather Evidence.

If there are no severe injuries, gather as much evidence as possible. If the other driver’s negligence caused the accident, the more evidence you obtain at the scene of the accident the better chance you will have at being compensated for the damages.

Thankfully, these days most people have phones that can take high-quality photos which can greatly help your case. Take pictures of the points of impact both at close range and wider shots. The wider shots might contain relevant information about the crash itself, such as traffic signs, weather or stoplights.

Always call the police after a rear-end accident.

Even if there appears to be no serious injuries and the crash seems minor, this is always a good idea. The police will fill out a police incident report which usually has the opinion of the officer in charge, including who caused the accident. Be sure to obtain a copy of the police incident report.

Collect information from any witnesses. 

Before you leave, don’t forget to collect information from any witnesses that observed the crash. Their recounts may help prove that the other driver was to blame for the accident. Be sure to write down their names and contact information, too.

Contact a lawyer.

Many people think they don’t need a lawyer for a rear-end accident. But trust me when I tell you that determining fault in a rear-end accident can quickly become overwhelming. You might have to rely on eyewitness testimony, review the police report for helpful evidence, or require an inspection of one or both vehicles. Things can get even more complicated when you’re dealing with the insurance companies involved. Luckily, an experienced lawyer can help you through every step of the process and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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