By: Darrell Castle

Your money is very vulnerable online if you’re not careful.

One of my staff members received an email from what looked like Discover (which she is a customer of) claiming that her account was blocked and that online verification was required.

Since the email looked like it was genuinely from Discover and she is in fact a customer, she clicked the link that took her to the page in which she was supposed to verify her information.

It asked for her name. She input her name. It asked for her email. She input her email. It asked for her email password. RED FLAG.

Why would they need her email password? What purpose does that serve?

Rather than inputting her email password, she called Discover who then confirmed her account was NOT blocked and that they did NOT send her that email.

Scams like this happen all of the time, especially online. When people fall for them, they are giving away vital information that can be used for robbing them of their identity and money.

Always be weary of scams like this. Stay aware of scam alerts using this great Better Business Bureau resource.

If you fall for a scam and it results in financial struggles, call (901) 327-2100 to schedule a free consultation to talk about your options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.