If you’ve been injured in a semi-trailer truck accident, you may have a more complicated case than in other road accident situations. Here are some issues to keep in mind:

    • They usually occur on interstate highways, traveling at high speeds, which means injuries can be more severe and the stakes higher for compensation.
    • Trucking regulations require drivers to do certain things, like only drive a certain number of miles per day.
    • Sleep is a big factor in truck accidents, and an attorney can investigate records to see if a driver has been out on the road for 20 straight hours or otherwise broken a regulation.
    • Because trucks are often owned by larger companies, accidents can also relate to workers’ compensation law.
    • Problems with the manufacturing of the truck that may have affected its operation could relate to product liability issues.


You need an attorney to investigate you case, especially with the intricacies of a truck accident. Our personal injury attorneys launch that investigation at no cost to you. We look into every aspect of the accident and work to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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