Should you talk to the other driver’s insurance company after an accident? What if they call wanting medical records or other information? In this video, Memphis car accident injury lawyer Darrell Castle discusses how to deal with the other driver’s insurance agency after a collision.


Should I talk to the other driver’s insurance company after a car accident?

Well, if the other insurance company is asking you for medical records, that’s a sure sign there were injuries. Otherwise there’d be no medical records.

In a situation like that you should have an attorney. If you decide not to have an attorney, then of course you can handle it any way that you want; but if you have an attorney there’s no way you should be giving medical records to the insurance company without going through that attorney.

Once you hire an attorney, you don’t have to worry about information like that because he handles it all for you. He’ll get the medical records for you and he’ll decide when they go to the insurance company.

The insurance company’s not on your side. Remember that: they’re on their side. And you should never give them a statement in an injury accident unless you’ve talked to an attorney. You should always go through an attorney and seek his advice – let him handle that kind of thing for you.

Now if there’s been no injury – just a simple accident with damage to vehicles or something, and the insurance company wants to know what happened so they could possibly get your car fixed or something like that, there’s nothing wrong with talking to them. They have a right to know what happened if they’re going to pay for the damage.

But if you’re in a situation with injuries and so forth, you need to go through an attorney to do that.

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