We’ve talked before on the dangers of driving in Memphis, and statistics back that up. However, what you may not know is how much texting and driving affects Tennessee drivers.

According to this infographic, the state of Tennessee led the nation in 2011 for the number of reported fatal crashes involving cell phones with 93 fatalities.

In second place fell California with 22 reported fatalities. In fact, if you add up the number of fatal crashes involving cell phones in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest-ranked states, you’ll find Tennessee still has more than double the amount.

This could be the result of one of two things.

  1. Tennessee is more honest and detailed when it comes to reporting these accidents
  2. We have a problem

Let’s focus on the second reason, because even if the first one holds true (and we don’t want to insinuate it is true) texting and driving is still a problem in Tennessee.

Folks, it’s time to be a part of the solution – stop texting and driving. Is that one text really worth losing your life or causing an innocent driver to lose his or hers? If it’s important, pull over to the side of the road (safely) and send the text. You can’t control what other drivers do, but you can control your actions.

Do you think you’re going to have a tough time putting down the phone when you drive and need a little extra help? Well, lucky for you there’s some apps available to help you curb your addiction. Challenge yourself and give these a shot – you may even have fun doing so.

As always, if you find yourself injured in a car accident, seek medical help immediately. Then, if the accident wasn’t your fault, seek legal advice from an experienced car accident attorney.

The experienced Memphis personal injury attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates will treat you with respect and compassion while fighting to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

There are two qualifications that make a car accident case go quicker –

  1. The liable person needs to be clearly defined
  2. The liable person needs to have insurance

However, those two qualifications aren’t completely necessary to have a good case. For example, the driver at fault may not have insurance, but you may have uninsured motorists coverage.

We’ll begin investigating your case immediately after you sign with our firm, then settlement negotiations will begin after all medical treatment has been completed as the amount of medical bills is a big contributing factor in the amount of compensation you’ll recover. Other factors contributing to your compensation will be car damages, lost wages, pain, suffering and more.

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