If you’ve been watching TV lately, chances are you’ve seen the video above, or one like it.


Produced by AT&T, the It Can Wait campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers and consequences of texting while driving. The commercials are running during the Olympics and fall season premieres. AT&T hopes to reach drivers during the summer, which is an especially dangerous time on the road.


A thorough campaign, the It Can Wait website includes short-form commercials, a ten-minute documentary, downloadable educational materials, and a way to pledge officially that you will not text and drive.


They also offer a free app for certain smartphones that can help curb the temptation to check text messages while driving. Here’s a preview of that app, called AT&T DriveMode:




While the DriveMode app seems like a great offer, you can also take your own precautions by at least silencing your phone in the car and keeping the screen out of sight in case it shows a message has come in.


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