“Bless you.”

This is what you most likely hear, very nonchalantly, after a sneeze. Sneezes are a part of everyday, ordinary life, and often brushed over, sometimes comedic, but never really considered a real danger.

It’s certainly not as dangerous as texting while driving…or is it?

Last year, Yahoo! News reported a story of a woman in Missouri pleading guilty to careless and imprudent driving that led to the death of the driver she hit head-on.

What caused the accident? Texting and driving? Drinking and driving?

No, sneezing while driving.

According to the police report, Kathryn Brady was having a sneezing fit as she crossed the center line on the roadway and struck an oncoming car.

There’s a big difference between sneezing and driving compared to other causes of distracted driving such as drinking or texting. Drinking or texting while driving are choices. A sneeze is not a choice, and I’m confident if it was a choice, many people would choose not to.

However, drivers still have a duty of responsibility on the roadways.

According to the report, “Missouri State Highway Patrol officials told the television station when drivers start sneezing, it is important to ‘maintain the highest degree of care.’ Brady could have slowed down or even pulled over until her sneezing fit passed instead of turning into the oncoming lane.”

It’s important, folks, to always be careful on the roadways. Always remain alert and have your safety on your mind, because other drivers most likely won’t.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, seek medical help immediately.  Then, after you’ve done that first, if the accident wasn’t your fault, seek legal help as you may be entitled to compensation.

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