Uber Accident Lawyer

Riding in an Uber can be a great way to get around, but it’s important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. According to an Uber accident lawyer with our friends at Norris Injury Law, here are five tips for staying safe while riding in an Uber or Lyft. From verifying your driver’s identity to being aware of your surroundings, these tips will help keep you safe and secure when you use rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft.

Request Your Ride Inside

When using an Uber, it is important to make sure you request your ride inside. This will not only provide you with a safer way to enter the car, but also help protect your personal information. By requesting your ride from indoors, it ensures that no one else can access your information or potentially steal your ride. Additionally, by getting in the vehicle inside, you can make sure that you are entering the right car with the right driver. Uber has a feature that allows you to confirm the license plate and the driver’s photo before getting in the vehicle, so make sure to double check this for extra precaution.

Check the Driver’s Photo and License Plate

After you have requested your ride, the app will show you a picture of the driver and their license plate number. This information is essential for ensuring that the driver is who they say they are and that you are getting into the correct vehicle. Before you get into the vehicle, take a quick glance at the driver’s photo in the app and make sure it matches the person waiting for you. Then, when you enter the car, double-check that the license plate matches the one that was provided in the app. This simple step can help protect you from getting into a vehicle with an imposter or someone who may have malicious intentions.

Share Your Trip Details with Someone

It is important to share your trip details with someone you trust. This means sending the person the car’s license plate number, driver’s photo, and estimated time of arrival for when you will reach your destination. This gives them an idea of who is driving you and when you should be arriving at your destination. Doing this will also help them track your whereabouts if something were to happen or if the driver does not take the route that you are familiar with. If a problem occurs during your ride, this person can help you contact the authorities and provide assistance.

Do Not Share Sensitive Information with the Driver

It’s important to protect your personal information. This means not giving out your address, bank account numbers, or credit card numbers to the driver. It’s also wise not to let the driver know about any valuables in your possession. If a driver wants to ask you personal questions, it’s best to decline politely and make sure that the ride is not recorded on your phone. Additionally, make sure you don’t share your location with the driver or tell them where you plan to go. Even if the driver has your contact information, it’s best not to share any confidential or sensitive information with them for safety reasons.

If You Feel Unsafe, Leave

If at any point during your ride you feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to leave. If the driver is taking a route you are not familiar with or making you feel uncomfortable in any way, it is okay to ask them to pull over and exit the vehicle. It’s important to remember that your safety comes first, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you get into an accident, contact an Uber accident lawyer in your area for help immediately.