Every day in America, 12,900 people are injured at work. That’s 510 people every hour. As a TN workers compensation lawyer, I know an on-the-job injury can mean lost wages and expensive medical bills; not to mention the physical and emotional toll it can take on you and your family.

Even though workplace safety and prevention is always improving, life-changing mishaps can and do still happen to anyone at any time. This usually leaves employees to find a way to cope with the fallout on their own. Fortunately, many common workplace injuries are entirely preventable.

Prevention tips for common work-related injuries

Some work-related accidents and injuries are more common than others. 84% of nonfatal injuries stem from three causes: slip and falls, overexertion, and contact with equipment and objects.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Uneven surfaces, unsecured wires, wet floors, damaged carpets, and even open drawers can cause workers to slip and fall. These types of injuries include slipping and tripping without falling, falling on a single level or to a lower level, or jumping. More than 25% of all injuries are a result of slips, trips and falls.

Top prevention tips: Keep surfaces tidy, and make sure a ladder is on even, steady ground.


Overexertion is not always obvious, but accounts for more than 33% of all work-related injuries. It can creep up on you little by little until you have a major source of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, you don’t even know an overexertion injury has occurred until hours or even days after the incident. These types of injuries involve carrying, lifting or lowering, and repetitive motions.

Top prevention tips: The NSC recommends taking short breaks and trying not to bend, reach, or twist while you lift.

Contact With Objects and Equipment

Unfortunately this type of accident is the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Most common related injuries are cuts, lacerations and punctures.

Top prevention tips: Use proper PPE, be mindful of your surroundings—including any moving equipment nearby—and keep heavy objects as close to the floor as possible.

Workers compensation is a vital resource for injured workers.

Ideally, a worker with a workplace injury will get payment in the form of workers compensation benefits. However, some workers find these benefits do not cover their damages. Also, in some cases, workers who aren’t classified as “employees” are denied benefits entirely. In this case, working with a workers compensation lawyer is your best bet.

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