A couple of weeks ago I released a new free report called “What Does the Bible Say About Debt?” It came from years of study and a lot of hard conversations with clients.

The response has been amazing. I knew a lot of people have this question, because they’d asked me about it; but I had no idea so many people had wondered and never asked.

Soon after publishing the report, I got this email from a former client:

“You are, undoubtedly, one of the most special lawyers I’ve ever met. Your compassion feels so genuine and your ability to connect with all kinds of people in various states of vulnerability surpasses anyone in your profession that I’ve seen, heard about, or met. Thanks for offering a service like this to people who only have prayer to hold on to. I’m so glad to have met you.”

This was one of the most touching emails I’ve received in a long time. It meant so much to me, to know our work has made someone feel this way.

I’ve practiced law in Memphis for over 30 years now, and this far in you’d probably expect me to have turned cold, maybe act like a jerk. After all, I’m a lawyer, right?

But each day as I meet with clients and oversee my staff, I feel more and more love for the folks around me. I can’t help it. They’re great.

We really do have a great staff – a team of people who care deeply about everyone they meet, and who support our clients and each other.

And we really do have great clients. It breaks my heart when I hear how some of them have been treated by creditors, insurance companies, and even other lawyers.

I want to be the most compassionate lawyer in Memphis, and I want my staff to be known for that same compassion. It’s something that comes from my faith, and from struggling myself over the years.

I don’t always succeed, but fortunately for me, you all make it easier and easier every day. Thank you.