Lyft and other ridesharing companies are gradually becoming more popular as safe and reliable means of transportation. As more of these vehicles take to the roads, it’s only inevitable that accidents with Lyft drivers increase. If you get hit by a Lyft driver or are a passenger in a Lyft accident, you could be left wondering how your claim is impacted, or who you should even file with: the driver’s insurance or the company’s insurance. There are different routes to take depending on your situation.


If you are another driver who is hit by a Lyft driver, you should treat the accident similarly to any other. Call the police, report it to your insurance, gather witness statements, take photos and exchange information with the Lyft driver. Additionally, ask the Lyft driver if they were heading to pick up a passenger or check to see if they already have a passenger in the car. If either applies, then you can make your claim with Lyft’s insurance. If not, you can only make a claim with the driver’s own insurance.


If you are a passenger in a Lyft ride, you can follow similar steps as the other driver. You shouldn’t leave it to your driver to do these things for you, and calling the police and taking pictures yourself ensures all bases get covered. As a passenger, you have the right to file with Lyft’s insurance.

Lyft Insurance 

The company’s insurance automatically covers passengers injured in an accident up to one million dollars. Though this policy exists specifically for injuries as a passenger, you will still have to go through some hoops to get it. You have to file a claim with the driver’s personal insurance initially. You can then go to Lyft’s insurance if the driver’s insurance can’t cover all your costs or if it’s denied by them.

What Insurance Covers

When you’ve been injured, you may have costly medical expenses and lost wages from being unable to work. These are what can be covered by insurance. Pain and suffering, as well as a loss of enjoying life, can also be compensated. The point of coverage is to get you back to where you were before the accident occurred, or as close to that state as possible.

Dealing with a big company like Lyft can be intimidating and overwhelming. You can contact a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, like from Ward & Ward Law Firm, who deals with ridesharing giants to make the process easier.