Mirena is a contraceptive device meant to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. It has also been linked to many dangerous side effects, including uterine perforation.

Uterine perforation is a dangerous injury that can lead to sepsis, infection, infertility / hysterectomy, damage to other organs, and even in some cases death. Women who have recently given birth or who are breastfeeding are at particular risk of uterine perforation.

Mirena has also been linked to ovarian cysts, breast cancer, and dangerous or fatal complications in pregnancy and birth.

If you believe you’ve been injured by Mirena, there are a few things you need to do as soon as possible:


    1. Seek medical attention immediately. The problems you’re experiencing may get worse and can be extremely dangerous or even fatal.
    2. Report the problems you’ve experienced to the FDA. They won’t help you legally, but will hopefully use the information to keep other consumers safe.
    3. If you suffered from a perforated uterus, contact our Tennessee Mirena lawsuit attorneys ASAP. We have helped many women in your situation with contraceptive cases, including Yaz, Yasmin, and NuvaRing. You need an experienced attorney on your side to help you get compensation for your injuries.


Our Mirena attorneys in Memphis will help you figure out your options and get started with your case. The conversation is free and important, so contact us today.