As the days get longer and warmer, we have to be mindful of certain risks specific to spring and summer, including dog attacks. There are more incidents of dog bites during these months, as people and pets spend more time outdoors. Additionally, dogs have been known to become more irritable in warmer weather.

As a Memphis dog attack lawyer, I know that protecting our communities from dog bites requires action and common sense. And not just from dog owners, though they have a responsibility to exercise certain precautions.

Here’s what you can do to keep your children safe from potentially vicious animals in the neighborhood.

Children are at the greatest risk for dog bites.

Our youngest are most vulnerable to these kinds of tragedies. Several years back, State Farm reviewed all of its dog bite claims and found that children made up the majority of victims.

Kids often play outside during summer months, and they also are not as aware as adults with regards to taking precautions around our four-legged friends. They may be tempted to pet any dog they see. In response, more dangerous dogs may become threatened.

These incidents can quickly turn tragic. We’ve seen it right here in Memphis. There have been devastating cases of pit bulls attacking curious toddlers. I’ve met many children who have become afraid of all animals due to a traumatic interaction with a dog, which is a true shame.

The injuries a child faces range in severity, from superficial scratches to more debilitating ones, along with viral or bacterial infections.

How can parents protect their children?

The single most important thing we can do to keep our children safe is to teach them to act responsibly and exercise common sense. There’s a lot of wisdom in the expression “let sleeping dogs lie.” Kids should never stare directly at dogs or even attempt to pet them without their owner’s permission. Basic common sense goes a long way.

If you already know that you live near a dangerous dog, you may need to take extra steps to change your behavior and stay safe. Common safety precautions include:

  • Walking on the opposite side of the street
  • Keeping your own pets inside
  • Avoiding use of the front yard
  • Warning your children to stay away from all dogs

Speak with an experienced Memphis dog attack lawyer.

As an experienced Memphis dog attack lawyer, I’m quite familiar with the human toll of dog bite cases. Despite the trauma that families experience, insurance companies often refuse to do the right thing. That’s why we’re committed to fighting on your behalf, so that you and your loved ones can heal.

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