Labor Day was created to pay honor to our nation’s workers and the contributions they make every day.

But not all of us get a day off on Labor Day.

  • I meet people every day who work two, even three jobs.
  • I meet people who are unemployed and worried, looking for work.
  • I meet people who lose their paychecks every week to wage garnishment.
  • And I meet people who either don’t get scheduled for enough hours or don’t get paid enough to get by.

Sometimes it feels like we honor workers in every way but the ones that matter most. So many people are working hard every day, but still can’t make ends meet.

After the barbeques and other Labor Day traditions are over, what will your financial situation be?

  • Will you have bills you can’t pay?
  •  Will you have creditors calling?
  •  Will you be worried about the next month, or even the next week?

If that’s your Labor Day, we’re here to help.

Through Chapter 13, our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys can work with you to create a payment plan so your hard-earned money doesn’t go to waste. And it’s backed by federal law, so all creditor phone calls and wage garnishment have to stop. 

We want to help you make this a truly Happy Labor Day.

To get started, contact us today using the form on this page or just call 901-327-2100.