According to recent reports, many military families with malpractice claims have to wait a long time for justice. As a veteran and medical malpractice attorney myself, I take special interest in news like this. Here’s what’s happening and how we can help.

How Medical Malpractice Works in the US Military

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider, like a doctor or hospital, causes injury to a patient. If the injury is extremely serious and leads to lasting harm, the patient may seek legal help to cover their enormous losses, both physical and financial.

Members of the military often receive treatment at government-run health facilities. But there’s one huge difference between a military hospital and a regular hospital: the government has created laws to protect military hospitals from certain kinds of lawsuits.

You can’t sue the US government without their permission, and sometimes this permission can be hard-fought. 

As a result, for decades, military families have sought the right to sue the military for medical malpractice claims. in 2019, they finally won that right, and in July 2021, the US government began processing these claims.

However, even though the military can now compensate those families, officials appear to be dragging their feet.

How Long Waits on Medical Malpractice Hurt Military Families

According to one report, some families complaining about long waits on their malpractice claims have been seeking justice for years.

For example, one case involves a hospital corpsman who got shoulder surgery at a military hospital in California. The doctors ordered him opioid painkillers, which he took as directed. He started to express concern about the painkillers, but they didn’t listen and actually increased his dose. He died of opioid toxicity—a completely preventable death and a total tragedy.

What’s worse, his family has waited for five years to get the compensation they deserve, which would be a small measure of justice after the death of their precious son.

I’ve worked on opioid cases for years, and this sort of example should never happen. But when it does, there absolutely must be accountability. We can’t allow loopholes for medical malpractice. This would be true for anyone, but in my opinion, we owe a special level of care and protection to the people risking their lives to serve and protect their country.

A Veteran and Medical Malpractice Attorney Here For You

Whether or not you’re a veteran, medical malpractice cases can be an uphill climb. The healthcare industry is very large and well-funded. As a result, they do everything in their power to protect themselves.

You need someone who understands the obstacles and has the will to keep pursuing it—someone who knows what it’s like to face incredible challenges and win.

I developed courage, leadership, and a fighter’s spirit during my time in the Marines. I bring those lessons I learned to every part of life, including my work as a lawyer. It’s a big part of why I love protecting vulnerable patients from these large institutions that don’t want to be held accountable.

If you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, you’ve come to the right place. Give me a call today at 901-327-2100 or just fill out the form below. The conversation is free.

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