How Workers Comp Impacts SSDI in TN

Workers’ Comp and SSDI are both incredible tools to help people who have been injured on the job and/or suffer from a disability. Both have the proper place and use. But sometimes people can get confused about these two very different kinds of benefits.

In fact, recent news shows that some people have received both SSDI and Workers’ Comp when they didn’t need both programs. So here’s what you need to know, how these two options work, and why they often don’t work together.

How Workers’ Comp and SSDI Differ

Both workers comp and SSDI function like insurance programs. But they apply to two totally different situations.

Workers comp is a program paid for by your employer. Essentially, a company pays into an insurance program for anyone who gets injured on the job for any reason. If your work causes an accident, Worker’s Comp should cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other needs until you get better and can return to work.

In contrast, SSDI is a disability insurance program that you pay into with your taxes every paycheck. If you ever become too disabled to earn a reasonable pay, you can apply for SSDI benefits that help supplement your income.

These benefits should only be used for people who have a disability lasting more than a year and who are unable to return to work in the same way they could before.

Both options can be an enormous relief for anyone struggling with an injury. The difference usually lies in the severity of the injury and whether or not it happened at work.

Dealing With Catastrophic Injuries - Disabled Soldier In A Wheelchair. Paralyzed Woman.Overpaid on SSDI Benefits by Accident

Recently news broke that the SSA is trying to get back overpayments from people who were also receiving Workers’ Comp benefits.  

Essentially, the SSA paid out disability benefits to help people who couldn’t work because of their injuries. But Worker’s Comp benefits are for people who intend to go back to work after getting better. In the eyes of the SSA, you either intend to go back to work or physically cannot. Both can’t be true at once.

As a result, a lot of people just found out they owe a ton of money to the SSA. Many of them likely had no idea they were being overpaid or paid through two different programs as a mistake. Plenty of people already spent the money and have no way to pay the government back. It’s a really difficult situation for everyone involved.

What This Means for You, and How We Can Help

Issues around Worker’s Comp and SSDI can get really confusing. And it’s even worse when you owe a serious debt to the government without even knowing it.

If you have any questions about your benefits, the best thing you can do is speak with an attorney who knows all the different complexities of the law.

Our team is available to speak with you for free and give you an idea of your options. Not only are we experienced and respected workers comp attorneys, but we’ve also helped hundreds of people get SSDI. And we’ve been leaders in Memphis bankruptcy law for decades.

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