workers-compensation-lawyers-memphis-TN - Car accident. Cheerless wounded handsome man sitting on the medical bed and looking at his injury while being at the hospitalWhen Workers’ Comp Won’t Cover Your Treatment

If you suffer from an on-the-job injury, workers’ comp insurance from your employer is supposed to cover your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. Unfortunately, in reality, workers’ comp in Tennessee can be one of the most frustrating and demoralizing experiences imaginable.

In some cases, the employer’s insurance company will deny or delay critical medical care, just so they don’t have to pay you money you clearly deserve.

Here’s how these companies get away with it and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

The Utilization Review

Tennessee requires every business with 5 or more employees carry workers’ comp insurance. After a workplace injury, the insurance company will handle the claim. 

In general, you’ll see a doctor or other medical provider and send their treatment plan to the insurance company. Most people expect the company to cover your medical needs, since that’s what workers’ comp is there for. However, because they represent your employer, these insurance companies have a financial incentive to make the costs as low as possible.

What to Know About Medical MalpracticeSo instead of funding your treatment plan in full, the companies often do something called a “utilization review.” This means they send your medical records to another doctor in another state. They pay this doctor for their “expert” advice, even though you’ve never even met this person!

Through the utilization review, these doctors can deny or delay your medical care from thousands of miles away. (A recent Commercial Appeal investigation took a deep dive into this process. It’s worth looking at if you want to learn more.)

Delayed and Denied Workers’ Comp Care

When one of these out-of-state doctors overturns your doctor’s recommended plan, it can leave you in a desperate situation. Some workers report waiting months and even years to get the medical treatment they need.

In one example provided by the Appeal, a truck driver waited on a critical surgery for over four months.

What’s worse, when these companies refuse to pay for a worker’s losses, it can lead to weeks, months, and even years of lost wages from missed work.

The state of Tennessee does have rules against this behavior, but it rarely enforces those rules. In addition, the punishment usually amounts to a small fine—a drop in the bucket for these massive companies.

This is exactly the opposite of how the system should run, and no one should put up with it.

darrell_castleHave They Blocked Your Treatment for Workers’ Comp in Tennessee? Get Help.

If you’re injured at work, you shouldn’t face these corporations alone. They know exactly how to make the law work for them, and they aren’t paid to look out for your best interest.

Instead, you should speak with an attorney about your situation and get the protection you need up front.

Our Memphis workers’ comp attorneys understand the laws for workers’ comp in Tennessee, and we can help you get the money you need and deserve. The conversation is free and simple, and we don’t get paid anything unless you do.

You should never have to navigate a years-long, frustrating workers’ comp legal drama. You should be focused entirely on getting better.

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