Just this past Thanksgiving week, WMC ran a heartwarming piece about a little boy who survived a pit bull attack here in Memphis.

He only barely survived, though. He didn’t walk away from the attack. He was attacked four years ago and is still recovering.

That’s right four years later this little boy, who was attacked at two years old, is still recovering from neck fracture, infections, and reconstructive surgery to his skull.

Thank God for little Angelo Garcia’s health, even if he’s still not at 100%. And thank God for the dedicated team at Le Bonheur, which has helped save the lives of so many children in the Mid-South.

This story is a testament not just to Angelo’s strength and the to hospital’s extraordinary work, but to the real and present danger of dog attacks in Memphis. At our office, we work hard to make sure victims of dog attacks get the help they need and deserve. As the story above shows, medical bills can last for years, and the emotional trauma for the victim and their family can last even longer.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a dog attack or a dog bite, please contact our Memphis dog attack lawyers today to discuss your case for free. We’ll help you move forward.