Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TNIf you’ve been in a car accident it may be in your best interest to find a car accident lawyer in Memphis TN. A car accident is a scary time and plenty of people can get hurt during them. Despite the recent safety features, there is one feature that has been proven to be the most effective in keeping people safe. That would be your trusty seat belt and only about 80% of people use them all the time. 

That means that there is around 20% of people are at a higher risk of suffering injuries or dying because they aren’t using their seat belts. Just, why is using a seat belt so important? Read on to see how wearing your seat belt can lower your risk of injury and death by about half. 

Why Are Seat Belts Important? 

Seat Belts have predated modern passenger cars, and even then they were considered safe. They were once used in horse-drawn carriages and as of 1958, nearly every state enforces seat belt laws. With all the new technology that has come through, cars have become much safer than they were in the past. The best thing to do though is to wear your seat belt. Below are the reasons as to why: 

Secures You in Position 

If your car starts to skid or even spin your seat belt is going to hold you in the most ideal position. It keeps you from being thrown around the car when this happens and allows you to keep control of your vehicle. Those who don’t buckle up are far more likely to lose control of the vehicle and crash.

Prevents Ejection 

Most fatalities are more common in car accidents when someone is thrown from the vehicle. Your seat belt is designed to keep you from doing that and prevent more injury from impact. It will increase your odds of survival by just wearing your seat belt correctly. 

Distributes Impact Force 

When you wear your seat belt correctly the shoulder and lap strap help distribute the impact of force over the strongest parts of your body. This is less likely to cause an injury than the impact you’d face on your head, chest, abdomen, or limbs if you weren’t restrained. While yes, the seat belt can cause bruising during a crash, it isn’t nearly as bad as going through the windshield. Your head and spine are at risk during a crash and the seat belt keeps that from happening as much as possible. 

Helps Your Body Match the Speed of the Vehicle

If you aren’t buckled up you will continue moving at the same speed as your vehicle after impact. This is likely going to send you into hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the windshield. Yes, the seat belt is likely to cause some bruising or injury but it will keep you in your vehicle with a sudden stop. 

Being in a car accident is a scary time. If you or someone you love has experienced a car accident and is looking for compensation then finding a car accident lawyer in Memphis Tennessee could benefit you. Reach out to Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC to find out what we can do for you.